[Biography] Ink, Spray, and Soul: The Artistry of SCOOBOY

Adeogun Toheeb (SCOOBOY): Unleashing Creativity from the Streets


Background: Born and raised in the vibrant city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, Adeogun Toheeb, known by his artistic moniker SCOOBOY, emerged from the raw energy of the streets. His journey began amidst the hustle, where self-reliance was the only currency. From the sun-drenched alleys of Ilewo Orile to the world stage, SCOOBOY’s story is one of resilience, passion, and artistic expression.



Musical Calling: For SCOOBOY, music isn’t just a career—it’s a divine calling. His lyrics flow from a deeper place, guided by an unseen force. Whether he’s broke or thriving, SCOOBOY’s melodies resonate with purpose.


Genre and Style: SCOOBOY defies labels. His music blends genres effortlessly—whether he’s singing soulful ballads or spitting raw rap verses. His style is uniquely his own, untouched by trends or imitations.



  • “Dira” (July 18, 2022): SCOOBOY’s debut track hit the airwaves, capturing hearts with its unfiltered authenticity.
  • “Planned for Joy” (August 22, 2022): Anticipation builds for SCOOBOY’s next release—an anthem of hope and resilience.
  • “Bad Nation” (December 22, 2022): The streets embraced this gritty track, making it an underground favorite.
  • Upcoming Project: SCOOBOY’s unreleased video promises to be a visual masterpiece.


Influences: SCOOBOY bows to no one. His style emerges from within, unshackled by external influences. He respects those who’ve made it but fearlessly charts his own course.


Live Performances: From Lagos to Ogun to Oyo, SCOOBOY’s energy electrifies stages. His performances are raw, unfiltered, and unforgettable. Upcoming eyes witness his ascent.


Collaborations: SCOOBOY stands alone for now, focused on his path. But the future holds exciting possibilities—collaborations that will redefine the game.


Unique Essence: Energy pulses through SCOOBOY’s veins. His voice carries the weight of the streets, and his lyrics paint vivid stories. He’s not just an artist; he’s a force.


Awards and Recognition: While accolades elude him for now, SCOOBOY’s hunger fuels his artistry. His time will come.


Future Vision: Watch out for SCOOBOY’s  because when it comes to him, it’s more than music—it’s a movement.


IG: scooboy01
TikTok: scooboy01
YouTube: scooboy01
Facebook: adeogun toheeb


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