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Create an Unmatched Musical Journey

At Billionjamz, we believe in empowering musicians like you to unlock your full potential. Our exclusive promo offers you the opportunity to elevate your music career and connect with a wider audience. Unleash your talent, upload your songs, discover amazing beats, and craft exceptional DJ mixtapes, all at affordable prices.


Upload Your Songs

Showcase your music to the world by uploading your songs to Billionjamz:

  • Share your masterpiece with us by sending an email to as an attachment.
  • In the email body, kindly provide your name, contact details, and any additional information you’d like us to know.
  • Alternatively, send your exceptional song via WhatsApp to +234 812 988 4364, along with your name and contact details.


Discover Exquisite Producer Beats

Enhance your music with extraordinary beats from our talented producers:

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Craft Memorable DJ Mixtapes

Stand out from the crowd with customized DJ mixtapes:

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Additional Services

Beyond our promo offerings, Billionjamz specializes in providing extra services to amplify your music journey:

  • Unlock your potential and captivate your audience with a captivating artist biography. Contact our team to discuss creating your artist biography that truly showcases your essence as a musician.
  • If you’re ready to launch your album, talk to us about our album upload options. We’ll help you present your masterpiece in a way that captures people’s hearts and builds anticipation.


Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to shine and share your talent with the world. Join the Billionjamz family today and embark on an extraordinary musical journey that will propel you towards your dreams.